Python 3.12.0 Release Candidate 1: A Sneak Peek into the Upcoming Python Version

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The article announces the release of Python 3.12.0 release candidate 1, marking the first release candidate of Python 3.12.0. This release is the penultimate release preview before the final release. The article encourages maintainers of third-party Python projects to prepare their projects for 3.12 compatibility and publish Python 3.12 wheels on PyPI. It also highlights that there will be no ABI changes from this point forward in the 3.12 series. The article mentions the major new features of the 3.12 series, including type annotations and deprecations. Developers are advised to refer to the 'What's new in Python 3.12' document for more details on the changes. The next pre-release, 3.12.0rc2, is scheduled for September 4, 2023.