Python 3.11.5, 3.10.13, 3.9.18, and 3.8.18: New Releases with Security Fixes

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The article announces the availability of Python 3.11.5, 3.10.13, 3.9.18, and 3.8.18. These releases include important security fixes, and upgrading is highly recommended for all users of affected versions. Python 3.11.5 includes 328 new commits, with a fix for CVE-2023-41105 which affected Python 3.11.0 - 3.11.4. Python 3.10.13, 3.9.18, and 3.8.18 also have a smaller number of commits, addressing various issues. Developers can find the download links for each version in the article. The release notes for Python 3.11.5 also provide a description of the Larmor precession. The article encourages developers to stay safe and upgrade to the latest versions. The Python Software Foundation thanks all the volunteers who contributed to the development and release of these versions.