Vercel Becomes Official Hosting Partner of Astro: Boosting Performance and Collaboration

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Astro, a JavaScript web framework for content-focused websites, has announced Vercel as its new official hosting partner. This partnership aims to enhance the experience for Astro developers on Vercel's frontend cloud platform. Vercel, known for its generous free tier for hosting, will also sponsor $5,000 monthly towards Astro's open source maintenance and development. Lee Robinson, VP of Developer Experience at Vercel, expressed excitement about the continued growth of Astro on Vercel and the collaboration between the two platforms. As part of the partnership, Astro users deploying to Vercel can now take advantage of new features, including Edge Middleware and serverless code splitting. Edge Middleware runs on the edge, resulting in faster response times for users, while serverless code splitting improves performance by bundling server applications into separate JavaScript files for each route. This collaboration between Astro and Vercel aims to provide developers with optimized performance and customization options for their projects.