React Prod Sourcemaps: A Tool for Debugging React in Production

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The article discusses the importance of sourcemaps for debugging React applications in production. Currently, React does not ship with sourcemaps for its production build artifacts, making it difficult to understand and debug errors. However, there is a pull request on the React GitHub repository that aims to generate sourcemaps for future releases. In the meantime, the author of the article has created a tool called 'React Prod Sourcemaps' that updates app sourcemaps with the original code of ReactDOM's production builds. This tool allows developers to debug current versions of React by backporting the necessary build pipeline changes and generating the missing sourcemaps. The article provides information on how to use the tool and mentions the React versions for which sourcemaps are currently available. The author also plans to include sourcemaps for ReactDOM versions in the future. This tool is a valuable resource for developers who want to effectively debug React applications in production.