Rustc_codegen_gcc: Progress Report #25 - A Step Towards Link-Time Optimization

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The article discusses the progress made in rustc_codegen_gcc, a GCC ahead-of-time codegen for Rust. It highlights the recent additions and improvements, including support for various function attributes such as 'returns_twice', 'pure', 'const', and 'ffi_const'. The author also mentions the successful implementation of Link-Time Optimization (LTO), although there are still some issues with missing symbols when using proc-macros. The article emphasizes the performance improvement achieved through the support for 'restrict' and 'noalias' function parameters. Additionally, the author outlines the future plans, which include handling endianness for non-native 128-bit integers. This progress report serves as a valuable resource for developers interested in utilizing rustc_codegen_gcc and staying updated on the latest advancements in Rust programming with GCC.