Introducing Biome: The Successor to Rome Tools

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The article announces the release of Biome, the official fork of Rome Tools. Biome is led and maintained by the same team that worked on Rome Tools. The author provides some background on the creation of Biome, explaining that Rome Tools was initially released under the Meta OSS umbrella but faced challenges with versioning and sustainability. Eventually, Rome Tools Inc. was created, but the company was not successful and all employees were laid off. However, the author's passion for Rome's mission led them to continue contributing to the project in their free time. They were joined by new OSS contributors, making the project still alive. Despite the challenges, maintaining Rome has become difficult due to communication issues with the current owner. Biome aims to address these challenges and provide a sustainable future for the project. The author concludes by mentioning their talk about Rome at JsNation 2023. Biome is an exciting development for developers who are interested in the Rome project and its mission.