Deno KV on Deno Deploy: A Fast and Easy Database Solution

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Deno KV on Deno Deploy is now in open beta, allowing developers to add a strongly consistent database to their applications with ease. The announcement brings exciting updates, including the ability to connect to KV from outside of Deno Deploy using the command line. Developers can import, migrate, and update their KV data conveniently. Additionally, Deno KV now offers transparent pricing that scales with storage, read units, and write units. The free tier includes 1 GiB of storage, 15k read units per day, and 10k write units per day. For those scaling with Deno KV and Deno Deploy, a Pro tier is available. Furthermore, developers can now enable multiple read regions to reduce latency for users worldwide. Deno KV on Deno Deploy provides a powerful and efficient solution for managing databases in Deno applications.