Deno Deploy: Native npm Support for Hosting Node.js Apps

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Deno Deploy, the isolate-based serverless platform, has announced native npm support for hosting Node.js apps. This new feature allows developers to host Node.js apps at the edge using npm modules, without the need for build steps. Deno Deploy offers a seamless integration with over 2 million npm modules, providing a better developer experience and compatibility. With Deno Deploy, there is no transpilation, bundle step, or polyfill injection, resulting in code that works locally and on the platform without any issues. Additionally, Deno Deploy offers short feedback loops and instant deploys, making it easy to develop locally and deploy to the platform in seconds. The announcement also highlights examples of what can be built with npm packages on Deno Deploy, including using Fastify for API servers and web applications, and integrating OpenAI with Deno.serve. This new native npm support opens up a world of possibilities for JavaScript developers, allowing them to host their Node.js apps globally with minimal latency and high availability.