Discover the Simplicity of Lume: A Static Site Generator for Deno

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Lume is a minimalist static site generator specifically designed for Deno. It provides full control over code and configuration, without unnecessary code or plugins. Built on Deno, Lume offers multiple file and template support, including Markdown, YAML, and TypeScript. It is also compatible with template engines like Nunjucks. To start a Lume project, simply run a command to initialize it with basic files. Configuration can be done using either TypeScript or JavaScript. Lume allows you to test your website locally using a development server or generate the site to a designated folder. Content can be written in Markdown and templates can be created using Nunjucks. Lume also supports templating with 'includes' for maintaining a consistent look across the site. Overall, Lume is a powerful and flexible static site generator for Deno developers.