Handling Null Values in PHP: A Comprehensive Guide

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The article provides a comprehensive guide on handling null values in PHP. It discusses various techniques and operators that developers can use to handle null values effectively. The article starts by introducing the concept of null in PHP and explains when a variable is considered null. It then explores different methods to check whether a variable is null or not, such as the is_null() function and the null coalescing operator (??). The article also covers the null coalescing assignment operator (??=) for assigning a value to a variable if it's null and the nullsafe operator (?->) for safely calling methods/properties on a variable. Additionally, it mentions the use of the ternary operator and nullable types. The article concludes by highlighting the introduction of null as a standalone type in PHP 8.2. This guide is a valuable resource for PHP developers who want to handle null values efficiently in their code.